School’s climate committee encourages holiday spirit through door decorating contest The winning classroom receives a prize

As the holidays approach, the school climate committee has decided to conduct a door decorating contest.

“The school climate committee consists of me and 23 other teachers,” Fashion teacher Shannon Sheldon said. “We set up many activities as a group, such as first Friday luncheons, Coyote of the Quarter, staff barbecues and many more. Our goal as a committee is to make school a fun place for students as well as a good working environment.”

There are no set rules for the contest besides taking inspiration from the holiday season. Doors can be decorated by teachers alone or with the help of students.

“What I like most about this contest is to see the creativity in each classroom,” U.S. History teacher Elaina Nelson said. “To see the different types of doors will bring a festive mood on campus. I was able to get my ideas on Pinterest to give me some inspiration for my door.”

Administration will be judging each classroom this Friday. Principal Donna Levy will be giving a $25 gift card to the teacher with the best door after judging is complete.

“So far, I haven’t seen anyone complete the contest,” Sheldon said. “I completed the contest the first day when it was assigned.”

This event used to be held annually during the mentorship class. The committee has decided to bring it back and encourages everyone to participate.

“I remember decorating the doors in freshman year,” senior Samrawit Misiker said. “I liked how we got to show our creativity and act as a team to decorate it.”

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