Second annual Coyote Games held Winners announced at the assembly

Holding a check that states the total amount of money raised, Key Club board members Shawn Wang and Samantha Sze represent their club in front of the school. Clubs around school previously held a competition for who could raise the most amount of money for the American Heart Association. "It was difficult to raise all that money, but I feel that achieving such a high amount makes it so much more worth it," Wang said. "I'm glad I got to help with such a competition, and I'm glad that the money is going to a good cause." Photo Credit: Russel Valdez

After a week filled with the challenges of Coyote Games from March 20-24, an assembly was held to announce the four top team winners.

“Our Logistics commission within Student Council planned all the games that would have taken place throughout the week,” senior Demitri Bannoura said. “Then the Assembly commission wrote down the script and the specific games that would take place in the assembly.”

To start off the assembly, the King and Queen of Hearts winners announced that Key Club raised a total of $1,112.52 for the American Heart Association. The first games then took place, which consisted of a ballon race and a scooter challenge–afterwards, the winners of teacher royalty were revealed.

Teacher royalty winners:

Most likely to be a meme: Mr. Bill Tomiyasu

Most likely to brighten your day: Mr. Joseph Juliano

Most likely to have been a jock in a high school: Mr. Jose Gomez

Most sarcastic: Mr. Matthew LaPorte

Most unathletic in high school: Mr. Jeffrey Ball

Secretly an athlete: Mr. Dennis Goode

“I really enjoyed seeing the top teams play against each other in these mini games,” junior Alexandra Sunga said. “But my most favorite part was to see the teacher royalties that were announced during the assembly.”

In between the mini games, the Cheer Club and Polynesian Club performed routines to showcase their work from throughout the year.

“As a team, I think we did amazing despite the audio error in the beginning,” junior Melissa Yelverton said. “Although that caught us a bit off guard, I still believe we gave it our all during the performance.”

The winners of last school year’s Coyote Olympics made a suprise guest appearance to compete against the current teams. At the end of the assembly, the top three teams were awarded medals. The results are:

Lil’ Boaters: 311 points

Southwest Shinobi: 306 points

Trust the Process: 278 points

“The key factors of our victory consisted of teamwork, sportsmanship and Lil Yachty,” junior Trel Lakindanum said. “Unlike the other teams, we just kept on rowing and found ourselves at the top. Most importantly, we had fun.”

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