Second Coyote Congress to focus on upcoming events

The second Coyote Congress of the school year will be held on Nov. 6. in the cafeteria from 2-3 p.m.

“I highly encourage students to attend because it’s a quick, easy way to be aware of what’s going on at school,” Student Body President Rachel Martinez said. “It’s also a great opportunity to voice their opinions about the school and their education. We also have amazing cookies.”

During the meeting, there will be a guest speaker from Inspire U.S., reports from class officers, student body officers and program area representatives.

“Stephanie Scott represents Inspire U.S. Nevada which is an organization that encourages students to register to vote and be aware of politics so that they can be informed voters,” Martinez said.

Time will also be allotted for students to voice their questions about school policies or general concerns and Student Council (StuCo) will respond with a solution or answer.

“I’m glad it [Coyote Congress] exists because it shows that teachers and administration cares about what the students have to say,” junior Kylavel Carlos said.

Class meetings will then be held from 3-4 p.m. These meetings will focus on the needs of each class such as class t-shirts and fundraisers.

“Students always complain about not liking a shirt design, dance theme, spirit day, etc., but they don’t attend the actual meeting where we make those decisions,” Class of 2017 Secretary Victoria Truong said. “If they do, they would have their input in important things regarding their class. Tomorrow, we will be discussing shirt designs and fundraising for prom.”