Semester exams schedule released

Seniors Jamie Fajardo and Enas Ajaj work on a study guide together for upcoming exams. Some teachers provided students with a packet full of information to study with and understand.

From Jan. 17 to Jan. 20, semester exams will be administered to students at SWCTA. Beginning Jan. 18, each day is a half-day and consists of two classes.

“I feel ready. I just want to get them over with so I can start the new semester with a clean slate,” replied Ellaha Koshan, junior.

The exam schedule will proceed as follows:
Tuesday, Jan. 17 – periods 2 and 4
Wednesday, Jan. 18 – periods 1 and 3
Thursday, Jan. 19 – periods 5 and 7
Friday, Jan. 20 – periods 6 and 8

“Semester exams give me some chills! Some of my classes scare me, but others are going to be super easy–so a little scared,” comments Segen Goitom, freshman.

Exams cannot be taken early and make-up exams must be scheduled after school with that specific teacher.