Senior basketball team to face underclassmen Game set for March 2 in the gymnasium

After an underclassman request for basketball participation, senior basketball coach Mr. Albert Ocampo organized a game between the underclassmen and seniors, which can be viewed next Wednesday in the gymnasium for free.

“It’s very difficult to actually predict outcomes in basketball,” Ocampo said. “They’re preparing and we’re preparing. They have quite an amount of talent–maybe even more than we do. We’re just older.”

The game will consist of two 20-minute halves and will begin at 2 p.m. Popcorn and drinks will be on-sale for purchase.

“I’m really excited to play against my peers,” senior Michael Medeiros said. “I’m ready for the vigorous competition and I think the game is going to go very well for the senior team.”

The senior team will wear black jerseys, while the underclassmen will don white jerseys. Attendees are encouraged to wear the color of the team they are supporting.

“I’m very competitive and I’m looking forward to playing the seniors,” sophomore Joe Regalado said. “I just want to play my best out there and I hope my team does well. We’ve been practicing every Saturday and we’ve been practicing very consistently.”