Senior Sunrise celebrates final year

On Friday, Sept. 2, the Southwest Career and Technical Academy held a Senior Sunrise for the first senior class.

Seniors were served a free breakfast as they watched the sunrise. Senior Class President Marisa Martinez and Vice President Trevor Dawson also expressed their thoughts in a short speech, regarding their last year in high school.

“In my opinion, watching the senior sunrise signifies the beginning of the end for all of us, but in an amazing way! It represents the start of all of our crazy adventures we’ll have this year and all of the moments we’ll spend together before we leave and watch the sun “set” on our senior year,” says Martinez.

Seniors felt that the event helped them realize that it’s official—they’re finally seniors.

“Senior Sunrise is a tradition for a lot of the senior classes around the valley, and being the first senior class in SWCTA makes it a more exciting experience. Being a new tradition on campus, it really makes us feel that everything is just around the corner, like Senior Sunset and graduation,” says Marclem Lalatag.

Senior Sunset will be held on June 1, 2012 to conclude Senior Week.