Seniors begin using iPads

Seniors Paulina Velasco and Jobely Alvarez used their iPads to help them with an assignment. iPads were given to students as an aid to their learning.
Photo Credit: Southwest Shadow Staff

Starting Monday, Oct. 31, seniors at Southwest Career and Technical Academy who paid for the $45 dollar insurance and turned in the necessary forms earlier this year were assigned their iPads.

“I adore it so far, even though I’ve only had it for three days. It’ll definitely help me with class and gives me better tools to keep track of what I need to get done,” comments senior Cristina Szumilo.

The students received the iPad, accompanied by a black leather case, a wall charger connection, and a USB cord. Educational and resource applications have been pre-installed on each iPad, such as Office HD, First Class, and Lab Timer. The iPads will be utilized by program leaders and senior teachers, as well as students, to take notes, research data, and read novels and textbooks for their class on the iPads.

“I believe that the school did make a wise investment because seniors have been utilizing it in many different helpful ways … for organization purposes, email, notes, and such. I also believe that it’s simply more convenient as opposed to lugging textbooks around, and the iPad just makes things seem much more fun!” exclaims senior Camille Maniago.

Students are responsible for maintaining the school’s iPad until May, when they must be returned before graduation. If students do not return the device at the end of the year, they will not be able to graduate, due to an outstanding fine of $580 for the iPad, $15 for the case, and $29 for the charger/sync cable, on their school account.