Seniors coordinate Homecoming dance for POST students

POST students Tonichelle Morales and Brianna Espinoza dance together during their homecoming celebration. On Oct. 15 during second lunch, the POST program participated in the event, which included food, music and dancing. "We had fun with all of the dancing. That was my favorite part," Morales said. Photo Credit: Patricia Ascano

On Oct. 15 during second lunch, seniors Patricia Ascano, Jorge Carrera, Vahina Li, Mary Allyn Maguddatu, Angelica Mayor, Nikki Molina, Michaela Ruzol, Calida Tam and Mayra Valdez hosted a Homecoming Dance for Post-secondary Opportunities for Students in Transition (POST)  to provide them with the experience of a school dance.

“We were going to ask them to the actual Homecoming Dance, but we thought they were going to be too overwhelmed with all the people and we didn’t know how transportation would work out for them, so instead, we decided to bring the Homecoming Dance to them,” Mayor said.

The seniors decorated the POST classroom (B213) with orange streamers and provided drinks, snacks and a speaker to replicate the Homecoming experience.

“I loved how happy they were to be part of something that is their age group. It passed over that divide between people with disabilities and people without disabilities,” POST instructor Dr. Allenda Zionch said.

The seniors plan to hold similar events for the POST students for winter semi-formal and prom.

“The whole event exceeded my expectations. Although they danced better than I ever could, I can’t wait to have another dance with them,” Li said.