As a replacement for the typical paper-pencil exam, senior nursing students are being given a mock CNA skills test to prepare them for the real certification exam.

“I feel like this is better than a written exam since we get to practice for our certification that will give us a career in the future,” senior Estefania Cabral said. “Because of the mock skills test, I will go into the real exam confident so I will come out of high school with a job that I will like to do.” 

The seniors have been preparing for the certification exam all year by practicing their skills and attending clinicals back in February. Students also completed in-depth research on the various systems in the body.

“The CNA tests are at random and can ask us pretty much anything that we learned all year,” senior John Paul Avenido said. “I feel like by working with the CNA book Mrs. Hartwich gave us, it helps me narrow down topics so I can focus in on my weaknesses.”

The skills that the students are being tested on vary from person to person. Students are being tested on skills such as bedpan and output, vital signs, ambulation and feeding.

“Originally, I thought it would be difficult completing my tasks efficiently in the time given, but I actually had more time and it was easier than I thought it would be,” senior Alexis Perira said. “I reminded myself that I have learned and practiced everything that I am being tested on and so when I took the test I was confident.”

If any of the students fail the mock CNA exam, they are being given a second chance by allowing them to redo another skill to make up for the poor score. 

“Clinicals gave me the real life experience to put my skills to practice,” senior Setra Yonis said. “Mrs. Hartwich also gave me a mock skills test that have made me comfortable performing my skills in front of strangers.” 

Have you ever taken an exam like this before?