Service hours earned at the 45th annual Greek Food Festival Students volunteered over the weekend

Participating at the festival, sophomores Carrie Lee and Megen Lopez serve food to customers. Multiple students volunteered at the event to earn service hours. “This was a fun and unique experience,” Lee said. “I would definitely do it again to serve the community.” Photo Credit: Jackie Wu

To gain community service hours for Key Club, members volunteered at the Greek Food Festival this past weekend.

“I chose to volunteer at the Greek Food Festival because I love volunteering and it is not an event you could do at any point of the school year,” sophomore Jackie Wu said. “Key Club’s Vice President of Community Service spread the word [about the Greek Food Festival] around, allowing multiple kids to go and help out.”

Students had the option to choose a shift on on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. During the festival, participants worked different stations that were assigned to them by advisers.

“Jackie and I volunteered both days together, as we had the same shifts,” sophomore Megan Lopez said. “We did things such as cleaning up trash and tables and serving food to others.

The festival included Greek cuisine along with live traditional music. Attendees also had the chance to buy raffle tickets to win a 2018 Mercedes-Benz or new electronics.

“There were shops that sold clothes, art and products like honey,” sophomore Francesca Bernardino said. “The booth I worked at served souvlaki, which is a kind of meat, and pita with Greek toppings. Many people were dancing and listening to the live music which was nice to watch.”

This year marks the 45th anniversary for the annual food festival. The event supported local non-profit organizations that strengthen the  St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church community.

“Overall, it was a fun way to get hours. I think it’s a good example of what providing quality service for people is like,” Lopez said. “I would do it again especially because it felt productive and I got to spend time with friends.”

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