SkillsUSA wins gold, silver and bronze in Web Design 28 members attended the conference

SkillsUSA members gather together for a photo after the awards ceremony for at SkillsUSA Nevada State Conference. Students returned with 20 different medals they had received for excelling in their overall performance. "From promotional boards to presentations, all aspects matter," senior Kevin Camelo said. "If one does an amazing design but cannot present it well enough, they will lose points." Photo Credit: Cindi Chang

Winning a total of 20 medals–12 gold medals, three silver medals and five bronze medals, the members of SkillsUSA competed in the SkillsUSA Nevada State Conference from April 4-7 in Reno, NV.

“Students prepared months in advance for this event,” senior Kevin Camelo said. “We were designing projects, creating resumes and practicing presentations. From promotional boards to presentations, it all matters. If one does an amazing design but cannot present it well enough, they will lose points”

Prior to the event, members choose whether they want to compete in a leadership competition or a skill-based competition. Some of the categories include Medical Math, Advertising Design and Promotional Bulletin Board.

“For leadership competitions, it usually requires something prepared prior to state like a t-shirt design or speech,” senior Janeen Soria said. “Skills competitions are more based on performance. In ad design, competitors don’t know what they’re designing until the day of the competition and must use their skills to create something on the spot. This year, they were asked to create a book cover.”

If an attendee wasn’t participating in a competition, they were allowed to spectate other competition presentations. Because most of the competitions took place in the morning, attendees had time to socialize and see different parts of the city afterwards.

“We had University of Nevada, Reno campus tours for students,” SkillsUSA advisor Cindi Chang said. “We also had a chapter dinner one night, and our SkillsUSA social [with other chapter members] at the National Bowling Stadium where all chapters had dinner and played a game of bowling.”

To raise money for students to participate in the national conference, SkillsUSA is hosting a car wash tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m in the east parking lot. It will cost $5 for exterior and $10 for a wash and interior vacuuming.

“We need this car wash to lessen the cost of going to nationals because it’s far away and it’ll be really expensive,” senior Matthew Burgos said. “[The conference will be] in Louisville, KY, and it costs about $1200 per person.”

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