Southwest Howl yearbook almost sold out

SWCTA’s 2011-2012 Southwest Howl yearbook is almost sold out, more will be ordered only there is demand.

The initial order of 2011-2012 yearbooks at Southwest Career and Technical Academy is almost sold out. However, the Southwest Howl is only planning to order extra yearbooks if students continue to place their orders for a book.

“I’m glad that I ordered my yearbook at the beginning of the year when it was not as expensive as it is now. I cannot wait to see the finished product!” says junior Ashley Tolentino.

After the month of February, the Southwest Howl will not order any extra yearbooks to be sold after distribution if the demand is not high enough. This means students will have to pre-order their yearbooks instead of waiting to buy them at the end of the year.

“There has consistently been extra copies that have gone unsold for the last two years. Rather than incurring any extra cost, we would like to only order the amount that have been pre-purchased. This is common practice at other high schools,” says Southwest Howl advisor, Mr. Matthew LaPorte.

The 2011-2012 Southwest Career and Technical Academy yearbook is now selling for $90, but the price will rise to $100 on Jan. 20. Payments can be made to the banking office or online via the Josten’s website. Yearbooks will be distributed in May 2012.

“It is imperative for students to buy their yearbooks soon if they are interested, because once they’re all gone, we won’t be ordering any extras. Also, the price is just going to keep rising. Students should take advantage of the low price as soon as possible,” comments Editor-in-Chief of the Southwest Howl, Nathalie Saligumba.