Foreign Language department organizes summer 2017 Spain trip Trip from June 13-30

The Foreign Language department is planning a “Best of Spain” tour for the summer of 2017. This will be an 18 day tour of Spain sponsored by Explorica.

“I think students should look at this trip because it is going to cover some of the most amazing cities in the Spanish Peninsula,” Spanish teacher Ms. Geri Barnish said. “You have just an amazing array of architecture, history, music and food.”

The cost for travelers under 23 years old will be $4602, while the cost for travelers 23 and above will be $5292. If students sign up by Feb. 29, 2016 and use the code 2017EarlyBird, they will receive a discounted price. Students can reserve their spot by going to

“I went to the Europe trip two summers ago with my brother and this summer I’m going again with my parents and grandparents,” senior Cecilia Romero said. “I look forward to these trips because I love being exposed to new and unknown things. When you travel you get to indulge in a new environment, and seeing the different lifestyles helps me be more aware of the world around me.”

This trip will include round-trip air-fare, transportation, sightseeing tours and site visits, as well as hotels and private bathrooms, breakfast and dinner daily and a full-time tour director.

“Traveling is really expensive, especially if you’re just paying for it by yourself and not getting a discount,” junior Sara Rounaque said. “Explorica offers a really great deal for everything that they are offering. Traveling to a different country where you don’t know the language can be really scary so it’s a really big bonus that they are going to have a full-time tour director who knows English as well as the local language.”

Explorica provides three different payment plans. The monthly automated plan includes a $50 deposit, while the rest of the balance is billed automatically to a credit card each month until the trip.

“I usually go to Mexico every summer and I have never been to Europe before, so hopefully I will be able to go to Spain,” senior Krystal Chaidez said. “I have to save up for the trip, so I’m thankful for the monthly payment plan. I have always wanted to go to another Spanish speaking country, talk to the locals and be able to learn about their cultures and traditions.”

Travelers could also pay in full or opt for the manual plan. The manual plan includes a $99 deposit, then the second payment of $500 is due 30 days after the initial deposit, 75 percent paid 105 days prior to departure and the remainder must be paid 65 days prior to the trip.

“Traveling the world has always been a dream of mine,” sophomore Rosalia Sedano said. “Maybe one of these years I will be able to go on a trip with my friends and family.”

Students who are interested in the trip can visit Ms. Barnish (C100) for hand-outs and more information.

“I’m glad that the school offers this trip to students as well as their friends or family instead of making it exclusive to our school,” senior Alejandra Sataray said. “I went on one of the trips before and I’m planning on going again this summer. I’m bringing my family along again and hopefully next year I will be able to go again even though I will be an alumni.”