Spirit days begin for upcoming Winter Formal Tomorrow's spirit day is Winter Wear

In anticipation of the Winter Formal dance on Saturday, Jan. 23, Student Council has organized a series of spirit days for students to participate in this week.

“The days were inspired by the climate that naturally comes with this season,” StuCo member Carlo Miciano said. “The themes we picked out are reflective of winter.”

Today’s spirit day was “Snowed In,” which consisted of comfortable clothing. Tomorrow’s is “Winter Wear,” which will include clothes typically used for protection from the cold, such as scarves and gloves. Thursday’s is “White Out,” which will consist of white-colored clothing. Friday’s is Roaring 20’s, which will include clothing similar to that of the time.

“It was relatively simple to think of spirit day ideas,” StuCo member Karel Saquing said. “The general winter theme made the dress-up days naturally arise.”

The Winter Formal dance will take place on Saturday at the Mob Museum from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The Winter Formal Court nominations have already been announced, and voting can be done here.

“As a possible part of Winter Formal Court, I’m really excited to find out if I won,” senior Hrag Artinian said. “I’m also looking forward to the dance festivities and fun activities at the facility.”

Ticket prices for the event have increased to $30 from the original $25 price.

“The price raise isn’t affecting me too much, especially since I already purchased my ticket before it happened,” senior Michaela Ruzol said.