Spirit days announced for 2015 Homecoming Spirit Week Festivities set to begin Monday, Oct. 12

Senior Vahina Li creates a poster detailing the upcoming spirit days. Each day was made final yesterday. "Spirit Week serves as an outlet for most kids, including myself, to be creative and wear something out of the norm," Li said.
Photo Credit: Brandon Hatch

Student Council will be promoting a school-wide Spirit Week beginning Oct. 12. Students may dress in attire according to each spirit day. The presiding Homecoming theme is “A Journey to the Far East.”

“We [Student Council] tried to make the spirit days somewhat related to the theme and this year it is ‘A Journey to the Far East’,” Class of 2016 Treasurer Vahina Li said.

Monday will be “Zodiac Day,” meaning students can dress up as their zodiac sign. Outfits are open to either Chinese or astrological interpretations.

“For example, if you were born in 1998, that is the year of the tiger. Each zodiac also has its own color, so if students look that up, they can wear that color,” Li said.

The arrangement on Tuesday will be “Tacky Traveler,” which will include traditional tourist outfits and accessories.

“I think students should participate in spirit days because it’s fun to be out of the normal day-to-day dress. It is something different for us all to enjoy. The more people who participate in the spirit days, the more enjoyable it becomes for the whole school,” junior Alyssa Chavez said.

On Wednesday, students can dress as Bollywood characters. Bright, festive clothing akin to that of Indian cinema is encouraged.

“I think it’d be cool to see everyone dress up. I guess I’d be excited to see what people could come up with for that. It’s pretty unusual so it allows for more creativity,” senior Shylene Tyler said. 

Thursday will be “Cherry Blossom Day.” Students may dress in floral clothing to participate.

“The spirit day of cherry blossom sounds like fun because I get to show my love for flowers and dress up in them. I will be dressing up because I have flower headbands and a shirt,” senior Krystal Chaidez said.

Students may represent their academy on Friday, with white signifying Design Academy and black signifying Professional Academy.
“I think the spirit days are fun way to get people hyped about the game and dress in fun clothes,” senior Khloe Faria said.