Spring PBL begins Monday Seniors prepare for Capstone Night in place of PBL

The annual Spring PBL will begin next Monday and will end on Tuesday. It will occupy the entirety of both days.

“Ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade will be divided up based on core subject areas,” English 10 instructor Mike Moore said. “Ninth grade will focus on Math-based skills, tenth grade will focus on English and eleventh will focus on science. I’ve been tasked with making sure the sophomores know exactly what it is that they’re supposed to do on PBL day.”

Seniors will not be participating in this year’s Spring PBL. Instead, they will allocate the time to Capstone Night preparations or Internship presentations on Monday. On Tuesday, they will debrief in program area classrooms, write their reflective research papers,  have their projects judged by underclassman, then receive a 10-minute check-in. A Senior Barbecue will then be held from 12:30 p.m. to 1:25 p.m.

“Seniors will be with their program teachers all day,” Engineering instructor Joshua Locklear said. “We [program teachers] really won’t be touching Spring PBL at all this year. It’ll be nothing but capstone.”

The PBL’s theme will remain unannounced until Monday. Previous years’ Spring PBLs were modeled after such events as The Amazing Race.

“I’m in charge of organizing the freshman PBL,” Algebra I teacher Kristin Landau said. “They are going to be scaling pieces of artwork, then reproducing those pieces. Its’ math-centric; there will be measurement conversion, scales factors, and ratios involved.”

Capstone Night will consist of presentations organized by seniors detailing their accomplishments and the final product of their capstone projects. Internship students will also be presenting on their time at their internship sites.

“Our capstone focuses on the legal and political side of the dental industry,” senior Antonio Garcia said. “We’ll discuss Obamacare and the impact it has had so far.”