Student Council announces Holiday Spirit Week

To promote school spirit and celebrate winter festivities, Student Council encourages students to participate in the upcoming Holiday Spirit Week from Dec. 14-18. By adhering to Clark County School District‘s (CCSD) dress code policy, students may dress in accordance to each spirit day.

“I think students should participate in spirit weeks because I know for me they seem like they make the week go by faster and more enjoyable,” Student Council adviser Mrs. Miriya Julian said.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Holiday Apparel Day Onesie/PJ Day Santa’s Workshop Sweater Weather Star Wars Day

After determining the spirit days through an online voting system, Student Council sent them to Principal Donna Levy for approval. Additionally, the video production team will announce the spirit days on Rout(e) 131.

“It’s interesting to see this spirit week focus more on the holidays rather than winter,” senior Ivanrey Barlongo said. “It allows us to express our festive sides and demonstrate how we celebrate this time of year.”

To resolve a decline in participation, Student Council will replace the Sadie Hawkin’s Dance and Battle of the Sexes week with the Winter Semi-formal scheduled for Jan. 23.

“I’m a little disappointed that Battle of the Sexes was removed because I wanted to compete in the games again,” senior Earl Buenaflor said. “However, the new Winter Semi-formal seems exciting, and we get to have two spirit weeks.”

Traditionally, Winter Week occurs during this period of the year, however, Student Council will move it to January, preceding the Winter-Semi formal.

“Because of our new Winter Semi-formal dance, we’re hosting Winter Week in January, celebrating more about winter and not so much the holiday,” Julian said.