Student Council begins selling annual class shirts

To commemorate each class and raise funds for school-sponsored events, Student Council will sell class T-shirts and hoodies until the deadline for final payments on Nov. 23.  Due to limited supply, they will not issue a second order.

“We wanted to give the opportunity to all seniors to design a shirt,” Class of 2016 adviser Mrs. Laura Penrod said. “Everything has to get approved by the administration so whatever got voted went to them after the class meeting in October. Afterwards, the funds from each class shirt go to their respective classes.”

Currently, only class shirts for seniors and juniors are available, but underclassmen will begin submission and voting processes for their shirts in the upcoming weeks.

“After attending the Coyote Congress meetings, it’s exciting to see how much I can contribute to my class,” sophomore Nicole Antonio said. “I can’t wait to see the designs that others will submit.”

Individually, T-shirts and hoodies will sell for $15 and $20, respectively, or students can purchase both at the reduced price of $30. To secure a class shirt, students can place a deposit of $5 to members of Student Council.

“I think this is the best class shirt we’ve had so far,” junior Keena Venegas said. “I even bought one, and I practically have no school spirit.”


Designed by Student Body DA Vice President Samantha Cruzado, the submission for the senior class shirt went through a voting process among other designs during the Class of 2016 meeting on Oct. 2.

“I designed the shirts using inspiration from the Kit Kat logo to have something fun for all seniors to wear,” Cruzado said. “They were selected in the senior class meeting open to everyone, and they were voted on. Mine ended up being the most popular.”

Students can expect to see their shirts delivered before winter break. During 7th period, members of Student Council will distribute the shirts.

“I like the shirt because it’s a clean, minimalistic style,” senior Rommel Viray said. “Since Kit Kats are my favorite candy, I’m even more interested because the shirt resonates with the logo.”

Sophomores can begin submitting in their designs on Nov. 20 while freshmen will await further announcements on their shirt and motto in the upcoming weeks.

“For the Class of 2018’s shirt, I’m submitting a design myself, and I plan to take a minimalistic approach to it,” sophomore Tiffany Ceria said. “I’m not sure which color scheme I’m going to use, but I’ll make sure to use ones that are subtle and simplistic.”