Student council holds annual holiday canned food drive Deadline for donations is December 13th

Student Council recently delivered boxes to seventh period classrooms in order to prepare for the annual canned food drive.

“The purpose of the canned food drive is to provide food for people who don’t have it as much as we do,” sophomore Karissa Butler said. “We’re giving it to the Salvation Army because we want to show community service throughout our school and acknowledge that problems like these exist.”

Currently, donations are below the number that were collected last year. Additionally, some food will not be able to be donated due to expiration dates. 

“Last year we were practically tripping over food in the studio,” broadcast journalism teacher Tom Rizzo said. “And some teachers have been annoyed at students donating expired food.”

Canned tuna or chicken are examples of the types of canned food students may donate. Students are not limited to a certain number of donations and are encouraged to bring as many cans as possible.

“It is a contest so seventh periods will compete against each other,” Butler said. “Whichever class collects the most cans gets a pizza and sundae party.”

Adding a competitive element to the canned food drive is meant to encourage students to work together for a charitable cause.

I like to see the competitive spirit during 7th period classes,” StuCo adviser Miriya Julian said. “I enjoy the competitive nature to benefit the local community. It’s beneficial in the sense that food pantries are filled with non-perishable items.”  

At the end of the food drive tomorrow, StuCo will count the number of cans collected by each class. The winning class will receive a pizza and sundae party on Friday, Dec. 16th.

“Acts of kindness are awesome and extremely beneficial for our school’s community,” junior Jayla Hart said. “It teaches students that they can have a genuine impact on those around them and encourages them to be more grateful and become more informed on the ways they can better their communities.”

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