First “Crazy Bottoms” Day encourages creativity Picture day occurs this Thursday and Friday

Showing off her tutu, shorts and leggings, senior Vahina Li provides an example of crazy bottoms. She picked her mismatched items by simply choosing random clothes in her closet. "I really hope people will dress up and show their crazy side, because the truth is we all have one," Li said. Photo Credit: Vahina Li

For picture day, Student Council is encouraging students to wear “crazy bottoms” for their school identification cards from Sept. 24-25.

“This event is a time when students are able to have some fun with their outfits and lessen the worries of the picture day process,” Student Council member Victor Taksheyev said.

Pictures will be taken during students’ English classes. “Crazy bottom” pieces can range from neon jeans to tutus, but cannot violate the dress code.

“I will be dressing up and buying my picture this year. I might wear some tacky pants with mismatched socks and shoes,” Class of 2017 DA Vice President Demitri Bannoura said.

All ID photos will be captured from the shoulders up; however, full body photos may be taken for students who wish to purchase full body photos. In that case, it is up to the student to decide if he or she would like his or her crazy bottoms featured in the photo.

“I’m planning on wearing a suit and tie with a vest, but on the bottom I’ll have swim trunks and maybe even a floatie,” Student Council member Karel Saquing said.

The idea for “crazy bottoms” day was introduced to Class of 2017 PA Vice President Lindsey Zangler when she attended the national conference for the National Association of Student Councils over the summer.

“I got the idea from another student from Oklahoma who did this at their school. I thought it would be fun to do it at Southwest too,” Zangler said.

A makeup date is scheduled in October for those who are absent during picture day. If this dress up event is a success, students will most likely be seeing “crazy bottoms” return in upcoming school years.

“Personally, I love any kind of crazy dress up day because I have fun socks, crazy pants and tutus. It’s super fun to go through your closet and mismatch stuff,” Student Council member Alyssa Colligas said.