Student Council to host first Winter Formal The "Great Gatsby" themed event will take place on Jan. 23

In lieu of the Sadie Hawkin’s dance, Student Council will be hosting the first “Great Gatsby” themed Winter Formal on Jan. 23 at the Mob Museum from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

“Hopefully it’ll be a big hit and a lot of students will enjoy the dance because we’re working really hard to make it fun,” Class of 2018 President Courtney Jersic said.

Student Council members will begin selling event tickets on Jan. 11 and 12 for $25 each. Beginning Jan. 19, the price will increase to $30. Additionally, students must present their student identification card to purchase their ticket.

“I’m hoping that a lot more people show up at the winter formal than at the Sadie’s dance. I’m excited to see how it’ll turn out,” senior Sara Kalaoram said.

A “Great Gatsby” themed spirit week will take place during the week of Jan 19-22 to encourage students to participate in the event.

“We’ve never done a theme like this before so I hope the student body likes it and actually participates,” Student Body Secretary Lexi Delliponti said.

Additionally, students who wish to run for winter royalty must be nominated by their peers at lunch during the week of Jan. 5 until Jan. 8 for $1 dollar each. 24 students will be announced as court during the morning show on Jan 11 and final voting will be online on Jan. 19.

“Royalty is always fun because I enjoy seeing the student body get spirited. I like to see them get competitive,” Class of 2016 President Aliyah Zolett said.