Student Council to host “A Journey to the Far East” themed Homecoming dance, spirit week Homecoming events begin Oct. 12

Student Council member Victor Taksheyev prepares materials for "Week of Respect" on Sept. 22. Taksheyev spent the class period helping his peers finalize materials for "Week of Respect" and homecoming. "I'm excited for both homecoming and 'Week of Respect', because I can't wait to see how the student body will participate in both," Taksheyev said. Photo Credit: Justine Ho

Student Council is hosting the “A Journey to the Far East” themed Homecoming dance on Oct. 17 at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) Richard Tam Alumni Center from 7 to 10 p.m. Homecoming Spirit Week will take place from Oct. 12-16.

“I really love the theme this year because I’m excited to see the student body celebrate another culture,” Student Body President Rachel Martinez said.

In order to purchase a ticket, students must present their student identification card. Tickets will be sold for $25 in the cafeteria from Oct. 7-9 and will increase to $30 beginning Oct. 12. Students can also purchase tickets for $40 at the door on Oct. 17.

“We wanted a theme that wouldn’t be mainstream, so we’re doing something a little differently. The theme we chose for this year embraces culture from India to Asia,” Student Council adviser Mrs. Miriya Julian said.

Homecoming nominations will be accepted during the week of Oct. 5-9 for one dollar per nomination. From there, 24 students will be announced as the Homecoming Court during the morning show on Oct. 12. Final voting for Homecoming Royalty will take place online.

“Although I’m not sure if I’m running for sure, I would love to run for Homecoming Court to have something to look back on at the end of my senior year,” senior Leslie Tran said. “I wouldn’t mind the pleasure of feeling a little extra special on Homecoming night if I actually win.”

Additionally, students who wish to submit their ideas for the spirit days must attend Coyote Congress on Oct. 2.

“The theme this year is different than the ones we’ve had in the past so I wonder what the spirit days are going to be. I’m definitely going to show my school spirit by participating in all of the days,” senior Kayla Dalope said.”It’s my last year of high school so I figure I might as well enjoy the spirit days while they last.”

Finally, the annual flag football game will take place on Oct. 16.

“The football game is such a great way for everyone to get together as a school and have a good time. I can’t wait to see how it turns out,” Class of 2018 Vice President Courtney Jersic said.