Upcoming credit checks for all students Find out what is needed in order to graduate

To assess students’ progress regarding class credits and diploma requirements, counselors will be meeting with students beginning Monday, Feb. 1.

“They’re basically just taking a look at where you are progress-wise to make sure that everyone is on the right track for graduation,” Assistant Principal Trish Taylor said.

Seniors will be dismissed from a class at random to meet with their counselors in their offices. Underclassmen, however, will be temporarily pulled only from English classes to discuss their progress.

“We’re going to be calling seniors down this year because we’re also going to verify names on diplomas to make sure things are spelled correctly and that they’re printed the way they want them to be printed,” Lead Counselor Paige DeSantis said. “After the seniors, we’ll follow up with the juniors during the following week, and so on.”

In order to qualify for graduation, students will need a minimum of four Math credits, four English credits, three Science credits, one U.S. History credit, one U.S. Government credit, one World History credit, two Physical Education credits, one half of a Health Education credit, one Use of Computers credit and one Arts/Humanities/Career and Technical Education credit by the end of their senior year, totaling 22.5 credits.

“The qualifications of graduating seem fairly reasonable to me,” junior Hassan Bhatti said. “Our school makes it pretty simple for us to get all of the credits we could possibly need.”

To receive a Standard Diploma, basic graduation requirements must be met; for an Advanced Diploma, the standard graduation requirements are in place, as well as a stipulation requiring at least a 3.25 GPA. For an Advanced Honors Diploma, a minimum of 12 honors credits is required, including three for English, two for Math, two for Science, two for Social Studies and three elective credits.

“I’m on track for an Advanced Honors Diploma,” senior Nino Nobleza said. “Getting that kind of diploma is going to put me ahead for college and make me a more desirable student.”