Students, administration plan gifts for National School Counselors Week The event is celebrated the first full week of February

Recruitment Counselor Lily Sifuentes works on bringing in students for credit checks. Counselors Week began on Monday. "We are a team that is available for any given crisis at any given time," Sifuentes said. "We provide support when students are struggling at home or with personal issues as well."

In honor of National School Counselors Week, counselors will be recognized through Friday by staff and students with treats and messages.

“We are visible and make sure to visit with students at least twice in a school year,” Recruitment Counselor Lilly Sifuentes said. “We are here for students and staff that may need support in any way.”

Last week, seniors wrote letters in their Government class to the counselors about how they have guided them throughout the last four years. The letters were given to the counselors on Monday along with breakfast sandwiches provided by the administration.

“Our counselors should be recognized for the hard work and dedication they put into helping students,” sophomore Xitali Estrada said. “They don’t just look at our schedules, they also take our personal lives into perspective and help deal with any problems we may have.”

The event was created by the American School Counselor Association and is celebrated across the nation.

“They are making sure that they are keeping track of credits, classes and scheduling recommendations,” English 10 teacher Cathy Sabol said. “They make sure to be there as a support system when things may go wrong for problems that may seem minor or when something major happens.”

While the counselors are tasked with organizing student schedules, they are also responsible for events like AP night, where underclassmen are given a chance to learn about the AP classes they can take.

“Going to AP night really helped me in getting to see what classes are available and what they had to offer in regards to how it would affect my grade point average,” senior Aymen Shafique said.

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