Students begin Homecoming flag football game preparations Practice sessions effective through Oct. 15

Sophomore Isabel Perez prepares to throw a football. Practice for the 2015 Homecoming flag football game began today at 1:45 p.m.

Students across both academies and genders have begun practicing for the 2015 Homecoming flag football game. Practices will be held from Oct. 9 to Oct. 15 and will last from 1:45 p.m to 3 p.m each day.

“Today is our first day of practice. We’re practicing catching, passing and learning the routes we’re going to run. Next week, we’ll practice scrimmaging and setting up a full defense,” Design Academy (DA) boys coach Mr. Joseph Juliano said.

128 students attended Friday’s practice, with 15 more players expected to join on Monday. Beyond that, positions have been finalized and no additional players can be recruited.

“We’ve run a few plays and we’re working on catching and throwing. I feel like we’re going to win by a lot this year because we have a lot of good seniors and a pretty solid team,” senior Jensen Sassone said.

Mr. Robert Davis, Mr. Pate Thomas, Juliano and Mr. Edgar Morales will be coaching the Professional Academy (PA) girls, PA boys, and Design Academy (DA) boys, and DA girls, respectively.

“We reflected on last year’s game and strengthened our weaknesses that we saw from last year. I am really confident because I’m making a bet with Mr. Morales and that motivates me to beat the DA girls this year,” senior Leanne Carambas said.

PA boys DA girls claimed last year’s victory at the 2014 Homecoming Flag Football game.

“PA boys won last year. Since I played on offense, this made me happy because I felt like I contributed a lot to our win,” senior Michael Medeiros said.