Students win 7-5 against faculty

Senior Andres Caja and sophomore Dakota Jersic play against each other in the staff vs. student soccer match. Caja played on the opposing team due to their lower number of staff players. "It feels great to finally have the chance to play against our teachers and staff. I got so excited when I heard about the game," Caja said.
Photo Credit: Jorge Carrerra


At the first ever staff vs. student soccer game held on Oct. 30, the students won with a score of 7-5.

“It was really fun watching our favorite teachers and staff play against the people we know. It was really entertaining,” senior Kathleen Jaictin said.

The first half started with junior Izeah Guiao scoring the first two goals and sophomore Cesar Reyes scoring the third goal for the students. Alumni Sigifredo Ruiz then scored a goal for the teachers ending the first half with a score of 3-1.

“While I was trying to score, I wads challenged by Edgar and I knew that if I stood still I wouldn’t get anywhere, so I tried to deceive him with my footwork which worked out well,” Guiao said.

During the second half, juniors Samba Soumare and Christian Cruz scored one goal each, while Reyes scored an additional two goals for the students. For the teachers, Mr. Jared Ogden, student teacher Mr. Tim Saunder and Ruiz scored for the teachers.

“It was great to see all of the students who love soccer and how hard they went against us in the game,” Soccer Coach Edgar Morales said.