Summer school registration available for students

At the counselor's office, Aundriana Gaston discusses possible summer school courses. Registration for summer school began April 6. "I took history over the summer because I wanted to get ahead, so in my last year of high school, I could take college classes," junior Aundriana Gaston said. Photo Credit: Acel Soriano

Clark County School District (CCSD) is offering summer school courses for students interested in credit recovery or advanced study.

“I’m taking summer school so that I can have an extra elective and still be able to take French II and finish my foreign language credit and be able to take another class that I am interested in,” freshman Francisco Mandal said.

Students can register for the first session (June 15-July 2) or second session (July 6-July 23) by scheduling an appointment with their counselor. Registration will not be permitted after the summer sessions have commenced.

“Summer school is beneficial for students that have taken a class already and don’t feel as if they grasped the content as well as they would like. By retaking a course, it can help a student understand the concepts better. Also, summer school is a good option for students who want to replace a grade in a class,” Lead Counselor Paige DeSantis said.

Courses are $100 per half credit and students must pay online at by June 10.

“I think it’s [summer school] a great opportunity to make up for classes you regret not taking,” freshman Matthew Le said.

Payment for late registration is due on June 10-11 for applicants to the first session and July 2-3 for the second session. Only cash will be accepted and openings for classes may be limited or closed.

“I actually prefer going to the school instead of going online because it gave me something to do over the summer. The schedule was easy and the teachers were nice, I just wish it wasn’t $200 for a full credit,” junior Marissa Villarosa said.

The following are the designated Instructional Design and Professional Learning Division (IDPLD) school sites where classes will take place:

Additionally, the Nevada Learning Academy offers virtual summer school for students interested in taking their classes online. Both sessions for online summer school will be held from June 15-July 23.

“When I first took summer school online, I didn’t know that you were supposed to work on both semesters at the same time, but luckily I found that out before it was too late,” junior Jaime Sesgundo said.