Sun Youth Forum celebrates student opinion

Fourteen juniors and seniors have been selected to attend the Sun Youth Forum, scheduled to take place on Tuesday, Nov. 22 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This event is open to all Clark County High Schools, who will come together to discuss their opinions, without any adult input.

“I think the Sun Youth Forum is a great opportunity for students to articulate their opinions and debate real world problems. This preparation will aide them as they enter college and face challenging issues. It will also increase their civic awareness,” comments World History teacher, Mrs. Krista Boivie.

Students will converse in groups on topics including America, school days, teen topics, around the world, law and crime, and home in Nevada. Recent subtopics have involved abortion, the war in Iraq, gay marriage, and the death penalty.

“I honestly can’t wait to go and talk to the newspaper because I’m the type of person that needs to speak my mind instead of someone speaking for me. I hope I’ll learn other peoples’ thoughts about law and crime too,” says Alexis Morales, junior.

After discussions conclude, a finalist will be selected by the group to share their overall opinion, which will be featured either in a Las Vegas Sun column, a television spot, or on a radio show.