Superlative voting held Wednesday

Eric Carranza, senior, was nominated as Most Funny for the Senior Class Superlatives. The winners will be featured in the Superlative section of the Southwest Howl yearbook.

Do you have an admirable friend or teacher that you think deserves to be recognized? Well, now is your chance to recognize their exceptional personality during Southwest Career and Technical Academy’s third annual superlative contest.

Ballots will be distributed on Feb.1, 2012 during mentorship period, but note that there are a few restrictions for this year’s voting process. The entire student body will have the opportunity to vote for teachers, but only members of the senior class will be allowed to vote for the senior superlatives.

The following are the senior superlative categories:

  • Most stylish
  • Most school spirit
  • Friendliest
  • Funniest
  • Most likely to be famous
  • Most likely to become a millionaire
  • Most likely to be voted President of the USA
  • Best smile
  • Best hair
  • Best friends
  • Most photogenic
  • Most likely to be a cast for a reality show
  • Most unpredictable
  • Most likely to change the world of technology
  • Largest vocabulary
  • Worst case of senioritis
  • Most likely to receive a Nobel Prize
  • Most likely to visit their high school teachers after graduation
  • Best attitude and personality

The following are the teacher’s superlative categories:

  • Most helpful
  • Most inspiring
  • Most school spirited
  • Most likely to save the world
  • Most quotable
  • Most likely to save your college career
  • Most likely to lift your spirits
  • Best sense of humor
  • Hardest working behind the scenes
  • Best story teller
  • Best academic resource
  • Best dressed

There will be a male and female winner for each category. Their picture will be taken and placed in a special section of the 2011-2012 yearbook. Have your fellow classmates in mind and be prepared to vote for who you think best fits each superlative category!