SWCTA iPad program grows

Juniors now have the opportunity to receive an iPad. The iPads were programmed with apps fundamental to their learning.
Photo Credit: Library for Life

Announced yesterday, juniors will now be part of the iPad program at Southwest Career and Technical Academy. They are now able to trade in their iPod touch for an iPad, as long as they have paid their course fees and obtained the required insurance policy. The iPod Touches will now be utilized by the sophomores.

Each student must pay for an insurance policy of $23.75. The payment is less than the senior’s fee because the juniors will only be using the device for half of the semester instead of a full school year. Next year, if students choose to check-out an iPad again, they must pay for the full year insurance payment of $45.

“I can’t wait to get an iPad for that cheap,” explains junior Christian Alonzo, “We’re so lucky to have them.”

The iPads will continue to be used as instructional tools. Apps will be installed on the devices that will provide additional resources for their program area and their core classes.

“I’m really excited about the upgrade,” states junior Reinier Sese, “I believe it can enhance my learning experience even further with this new technology.”

iPads are scheduled to be distributed at the beginning of next month. Juniors must fill out agreement forms and pay for the insurance before the due date. If there are any questions, please contact the school’s principal Mrs. Felicia Nemcek.