SWCTA medical students attend medical fair

On April 8th, sophomore Respiratory Therapy, Dental Assisting, and Certified Nursing students at Southwest Career and Technical academy attended an event at the College of Southern Nevada to learn about different careers in the medical field.

CSN students, as well as guest medical professionals, presented different career opportunities in the health care industry. Some of the careers showcased included nursing, biomedical engineering, emergency medical technician, and veterinary medicine.

“I thought it was cool that at each booth you got hands-on experience of what the professionals do hands on,” said sophomore Tina Tsoi.

For each career, there were materials such as dummies and medical equipment, to show the visitors what they will be handling in that specific profession. Students were able to use these materials for a hands-on experience. For example, the veterinarians brought a snake, ferret, and guinea pig so students could handle different animals they could find in the field.

“I touched a snake! It was pretty intimidating, I’m not sure if that would be my career,” said sophomore Le Mai.

Students spent about two hours visiting the different booths. The medical teachers wanted students to gain knowledge about different occupations and maybe spark interest for a future career.

“I thought they were interesting, I didn’t know a lot about the different career fields before I went. There are fun things about each career,” said sophomore Jenny Ha.