“Talking Locker” added to express opinions Students' thoughts will be addressed

While at their state zone conference, Student Council came up with the idea for a new method to allow students to share their thoughts in the form of a “Talking Locker.”

“Although the Talking Locker was created by us as a group, the main person working so hard on this initiative is Grace Lange,” StuCo adviser Miriya Julian said.

The Talking Locker allows students to have problems at school addressed. Any comments, suggestions, questions or concerns can be put into the locker anonymously.

“If we have any topics put into the locker that are about spirit days we’re going to take that into consideration as well as address everything at our meetings,” Lange said.

The concerns that are put in the Talking Locker will be addressed anonymously at Coyote Congress meetings, which occur the first Friday of every month.

“I think it’s a cool and easy way for students to get their opinions out there,” sophomore Shay Carnes said.”I think it would be beneficial to the school and make it more comfortable for people. It’s a nice way to openly express your thoughts for both students and staff.”

During the Coyote Congress meetings, Lange will present the items from the locker. They will then be discussed by the council members and spoken about during the class meetings. Depending on what is said, StuCo will either speak with admin or discuss it further at a later date.

“You can find the Talking Locker in the D hallway near the front of the building,” Julian said. “It should be easy to see since it stands out compared to the other lockers in the hallway.”

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