Celebrated annually on the first week of May, Student Council and administration created gifts and treats for teachers in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week.

“This is a week where administration goes the extra mile,” Assistant Principal Trish Taylor said. “We go out of our way to let them know how much we appreciate what they do and how much hard work they put in.”

With each class responsible for deciding on an item to include, Student Council created gift baskets to hand out to faculty on Tuesday.  

“Class of 2017 student council members provided the Starbucks gift cards,” StuCo member Olivia Tan said. “Class of 2018 gave popcorn, Class of 2019 gave candy and Class of 2020 gave gum for the baskets.”

Along with Student Council, administration also provided daily gifts for teachers.

“As an admin team, we come together and decide what we’re gonna do for each day,” Taylor said. “We’ve kind of kept it the same for the past few years. I focus on food because people like to be fed. Plus, food goes a long way and people seem to like it.

Monday: Coffee
Tuesday: Dunkin’ Donuts and root beer floats
Wednesday: McDonald’s yogurt parfait
Thursday: Snacks in the Principal’s conference room
Friday: Taco truck

“I think that it went successful because the teachers appreciated all the gifts we gave them,” junior Molly Cuddihy said. “It made everyone’s day so it was nice to do a small act for them.”

How did you celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week?