Tent City volunteering with ‘Skate for Change’ founder Mike Smith Event held for NHS, StuCo and Key Club members

As he judges a skating competition, Mike Smith sits behind a $25,000 check from Cause An Effect. Smith is the creator of organizations that aid homeless people and troubled teenagers called Skate for Change and The BAY. Photo Credit: Flickr

To spread awareness and to help the homeless community, Mike Smith, the founder of Skate for Change, will visit campus for the second time after school on Jan. 22.

“Mike Smith is a motivational speaker who has done many homeless outreaches,” senior StuCo member Alyssa Colligas said. “[Smith] also recently wrote a book called Legacy vs. Likes, that Student Council read together about his childhood and how to improve yourself.”

During the upcoming event, members of StuCo, NHS and Key Club will be able to hear Smith’s speech and volunteer in the community with him.

“During the meeting, [StuCo] will be discussing the book Smith wrote before hearing his speech,” Colligas said. “Afterwards, everyone will hear him explain his history as a speaker and someone who has done many homeless outreaches. I am so excited about this since I have my own experience in helping the homeless community with my church.”

To advocate for the Skate for Change organization, members will carpool together to Tent City and distribute goods to the homeless after the meeting. They will be handing out peanut butter jelly sandwiches with bags of granola bars and socks.

“Tent City has the largest homeless population in Las Vegas,” Colligas said. “To me it’s important to help out because I have so much love for my city and I love interacting with the people in it. I am really excited to be able to go back and make an impact again.”

Smith last visited campus in 2016, where he gave a motivational speech at an assembly. Along with Skate for Change, Smith has created a place for teenagers to find an outlet for self expression called The BAY (Lincoln, NE) and an internet series called The Harbor.

“I think what Smith’s doing is life changing,” senior StuCo president Courtney Jersic said. “When he first came and did his speech it was eye opening. It really allowed me to take a look at our community and be able to give back directly.”

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