Thirteen juniors honored for writing

Mr. Robert Davis and Nadia Manivong review her entry for the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Awards prior to submitting.

Thirteen students from Mr. Robert Davis’ English classes at SWCTA have been honored for their writing selections in The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Contest.

“Writing is not simply the gathering of words, but a feeling, a passion, a pleasure. And with an award or not, I will continue to write pieces that I hope will inspire and entertain,” junior Donovan Ly said.

Randy Bae, Josephine Baltazar, Trisha Bantigue, Nicole Boucher, Cynthia Castaneda, Nae-Meng Chen, Kevin Dionisio, Sarah Endriss, Vanessa Gomez, Donovan Ly, Nadia Manivong, Henson Nguyen and Vivian Sam each had at least one piece recognized.

In Dec. 2011, the students were encouraged to create a piece to be submitted for the writing contest. They had a choice of different categories such as poetry, short story, persuasive writing, and personal memoir. Students could write for as many categories as they wished, but it had to meet the requirements and be completed before the deadline.

“I was so excited that Mr. Davis was entering us in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards! I’ve won this award previously in 8th grade, and I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could win it again. I was extremely excited when I found out I was recognized. I felt like this was the best essay I’ve ever written!” Nicole Boucher, junior, said.

Regional awards include the Gold Key, Silver Key, Honorable Mention, and American Visions and Voices Nominees. The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Ceremony will be held at the Springs Preserve on Feb. 4, 2012 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. An exhibit displaying all of the winning pieces, both art and writing, will be open from Feb. 4 to March 2.