Upperclassmen prepare for ACT All juniors required to take test

Next Tuesday, all juniors are required to take the ACT (American College Test). The test is free for all juniors and paid for by the school district.    

“The reason that all juniors are allowed to take the test for free is because Nevada has required every student to take a Career and College Readiness Exam in order for students to graduate,” dean James Campbell said. “It just so happens that the ACT was the test the state chose to be required.”

The ACT is a college readiness test that expects students to recall information that they have learned during high school. Colleges use the scores students earn during the admissions process to help place them in their classes for their first year in college.

“One of the ways I have started preparing myself for the exam is I have learned how to do process of elimination,” freshman Ylla Aparence said. “This technique is really effective because it gives me a better chance of getting the question right.

The ACT is composed of a reading, english, science, math, and a writing portion. The exam will be conducted during the school day and is expected to take approximately five hours.

“During the testing day, the students will be given a 15 minute nutritional break,” Campbell said. “This break will allow students to go to the restroom and buy snacks if they’d like.”

All students taking the test will be required to bring an ACT accepted calculator, soft lead number two pencil and photo identification. Students are not allowed to have phones in the testing room and without proper identification, students will not be allowed to test.

“The ACT’s have always been able to provide students with data that will help them in the future,” Campbell said. “Students who want to see where they stand on a national level will be able to do so after taking the test.”

Ninth, tenth, and twelfth graders will have the day off while the juniors test. School will resume on Wednesday with a B day.

“To prepare for the ACT’s, I downloaded a bunch of apps that I use to help me study,” junior Chloe Dela Rama said. “They’re really effective because I don’t have to carry a huge book around to study.” 

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