Varsity Quiz members test teachers’ knowledge Prospective members invited to observe

Varsity Quiz members have challenged their teachers in a competition to prepare for an upcoming SkillsUSA competition. The teacher vs. student challenge is set for Thursday, March 2 from 2-3 pm in C100.

“The Varsity Quiz students wanted to match with the very highly educated teachers, to see if they can challenge them and give them a run for their money,” Spanish teacher Gerri Barnish said.

Barnish asked her members which teachers they would like to invite and the students later asked a few of them to compete against the Varsity Quiz members. 

“Teachers know a lot about their respective subject areas, so it’s going to be interesting to see who’s victorious in the end,” senior Kerent Benjumea said.

The following teachers will be participating: Ms. Cathy SabolMr. Justin Juliano, Mr. Albert Ocampo, Mr. Tom RizzoMs. Rachel Meadow, Mr. Terry Lively, Ms. Adriana Thompson, Mr. Pate Thomas and Ms. Elisabeth Wolf.

“I’m expecting to have a great time and competing against the teachers who’ve taught us so much,” senior Hassan Bhatti said.

Questions about geography, sports, history, entertainment and more will be asked.

“I am excited to see what happens because our members are really competitive and I doubt they’ll let their guard down for this match,” Benjumea said.

The team is also looking for new recruits. Interested students are invited to attend the competition on Thursday and decide if they would like to join next year’s team.

“I have about 15 current members but most of them will be graduating this year,” Barnish said. “So, I’m looking for new, young and diverse age levels of players for the 2018 team.”[poller_master poll_id=”164″ extra_class=””]