Vending machines emptied for higher profits Removed snacks now found in the Student Store.

To increase a-la-carte revenue during lunch and prevent eating in the classroom, the administrative staff relocated all snack machines to the cafeteria on Monday.

“We’re keeping the machines in the cafeteria, so they’re not going to be replaced because food is supposed to stay on that side of the campus,” Principal Donna Levy said.

Snacks typically found within the machines throughout the campus can now be purchased from the Student Store.

“With vending machines, we’re making about 10 cents on the dollar, but if we sell them from the Student Store, we’ll make a lot more,” Levy said.

In addition to monetary gain, moving the snacks will help to alleviate students eating purchased goods outside of lunch.

“Eating in the classroom is prohibited because it can be messy; accidents involving food and drink in the classrooms are difficult to clean up and the mess made can invite unwanted guests, such as bugs,” Dean Sherrae Nelson said.

Students will only be able to obtain the snacks from the Student Store, which is open before school and during lunch.

“If greater funding is going to help us do more at school, I don’t mind purchasing snacks from the Student Store instead of from vending machines. It’s the same price anyway,” senior Winifred P. said.

According to CCSD regulation 5157, vending machines are permitted on school grounds given that their contents meet nutritional standards. The snacks, which meet the required standards, were relocated to generate student funds.

“Student-generated funds are monies raised from students, which come from the vending machines and the Student Store. Funds go back to something that students will benefit from, like buying new equipment or supplies for the classroom,” Assistant Principal Trish Taylor said.