Warm fuzzies return to campus Event will occur for rest of week

In hopes of spreading positivity for Random Acts of Kindness Week, Student Council has brought back warm fuzzies for a third year.

“The warm fuzzy event was started two years ago to bring together students and administration by bringing good vibes to the school,” StuCo adviser Miriya Julian said. “We really wanted to just spread positivity throughout the school.”

Warm fuzzies originate from the story “The Original Warm Fuzzies” by Claude Steiner, and StuCo members cut up strings to represent the affirmations.

“My favorite part about the warm fuzzies event is that I am able to approach people and compliment them without it being off-putting or weird,” junior Moira Johnson said.

To promote kindness, students are encouraged to take a string off of their warm fuzzy necklace and tie it around another person’s necklace, and in the process, give the person a compliment.

“It’s been amazing seeing kids acting so kind to one another and spreading affirmations,” sophomore Zachary Kriethe said.

The event was introduced through a three part story presented on Rout(e) 131, one of which did not play due to technical difficulties. After the segment concluded, StuCo members passed out the warm fuzzies during fourth period. Extra necklaces are available outside of D105.

“It helps all of us, both teachers and students, remember how to compliment one another,” Spanish teacher Gerri Barnish said. “Sometimes we don’t compliment enough, and the warm fuzzies remind us we do need some compliments every once in a while because we all like to feel good.”

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