‘Warm Fuzzies’ return to initiate ‘Random Acts of Kindness Week’ Random Acts of Kindness Week will begin on Feb. 16

To coincide with Mike Smith’s recent motivational speech assembly, Student Council members distributed approximately 1400 warm fuzzy necklaces to students on Feb. 10, raising awareness for the upcoming Random Acts of Kindness Week. The event will also continue on Feb. 11, allowing students to wear the necklaces and exchange affirmations during their ‘B’ day classes.

“The Warm Fuzzies were very exciting,” junior Carl Montemayor said. “It spread positive vibes because it allowed others to compliment each other. The activity encourages others to think about the positive aspects of each other.”

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation reaches out to communities and schools across the nation, offering ideas to promote positivity and kindness.

“We just kind of take in their message,” Student Council Adviser Mrs. Miriya Julian said. “We’re actually doing things around campus next week without needing any sort of acknowledgement. We just want to do some nice things out there for everyone from the bus drivers to cafeteria staff. Everyone is getting a random act of kindness this week.”

After distributing the necklaces during third period, Student Council members reserved 5 minutes of class time to introduce the event and provide time for students to exchange affirmations.

“It was hugely successful last year, and so for this year I said we have to do it again,” Julian said. “I talked to Ms. Levy, and I said there’s a speaker named Mike Smith who would go perfectly with our Warm Fuzzies. I asked if we can we bring him and she said ‘Let’s do it.’ This has just been the most amazing week, and so I’m super happy.”

On the Rout(e) 131 morning announcements, the story behind the warm fuzzy necklaces, “The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale,” played a part of the 3 segment video each day from Feb. 8 to Feb. 10.

“After learning about Warm Fuzzies during our conference a year and a half ago, we brought it back for our winter retreat,” Student Council Member Karel Saquing said. “We had an amazing experience and knew that we had to introduce them to our school.”

To promote positivity for Random Acts of Kindness Week, members of Student Council will post positive words printed on vinyl to the doors of each building next week. Also, they are planning a surprise for the student body.

“Student Council will be doing something for the entire student body on Wednesday,” Julian said.