Web Design II project kicks off semester exams Juniors use different methods to deliver information

As they piece together the vocals and instrumentals of their "History of Web" music video, juniors Laurence Eslava and Isaiah Rogado listen to their parody of "0 to 100" by Drake. Web Design II students started working on their semester exam projects earlier this month. "The hardest part about editing the music video is getting the lyrics to match the beat of the song," Eslava said. "Even if it's one frame off, the whole thing feels out of place." Photo Credit: Zhen Yu

Given three different options for their semester exam project, juniors in Web Design II have gathered into teams to decide how they wanted to deliver their project. They can either create a one-page scrollable website in Adobe Muse, build an application or record a JavaScript tutorial.

“In my past experience, I wasn’t always given the opportunity to choose what I wanted to do for a project,” junior Isaiah Rogado said. “[The three options] allow us to express our creativity; it’s unique and involves a lot of teamwork.”

Each option is relative to certain web skills that each student is strong in–coding, graphic design and marketing towards a high-traffic audience.

“I think [Muse] has the most creative freedom for my group and I, which is why we chose it,” junior Cathy Zhu said. “We’re stronger in graphic design and there is no coding required for Muse. Plus, we get to learn a new program.”

The project will take up all of second quarter so that it can evolve through the input of all the group members. The building process of the mock website, application and video is slow, but helps students learn about their strengths in web design.

“Majority of the time [my teammate and I] work on the design aspect together, but there are times when I’m designing and my partner is putting the scrolling website together,” junior Jayda Poblete said.

As students learn about teamwork and develop web skills, they gain insight as to what to expect for their senior capstones where students create websites for clients. 

As students learn about teamwork and develop web skills, they will hopefully gain insight as to what to expect for their senior capstones where they will be creating websites for clients.

“Ms. [Denise] Snow said this would help us in picking our capstone projects [next year], so I’m glad she’s helping us prepare now so we don’t blindly walk into it,” junior Cyrus Alonzo said.

Grading will be based on creativity, the multimedia elements included and the quality of their self-reflection of the process.

“Web Design has so many team players, from front end design to user experience to coders,” Web Design teacher Denise Snow said. “This assignment allows the students to focus on one area of web design that interests them.”

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