Web Designers produce digitized webmagazine for capstone First issue will be released on Jan. 3

In class on Oct. 9, Web Design senior Gillian Eastman sifts through materials for Dexie Magazine. Along with her partner, JaysaMia Barcelo-Dizon, Eastman was preparing the materials for the site's first issue. "Our first issue won't be released until Jan. 3, but our site will be available on Nov. 1," Eastman said. Photo Credit: Jen Chiang

For their senior capstone, Web Design seniors Jaysa Mia Barcelo-Dizon and Gillian Eastman are producing a digitized webmagazine, Dexie Magazine, which will feature student artwork and writing pieces.

“Through Dexie Magazine, we wish to inspire via art,” Barcelo-Dizon said.

The webmagazine will update new content on the first Sunday of every month. The first issue will be released on Jan. 3 and the site will go live on Nov. 1.

“Dexie Magazine will be successful when the teens who read our issue feel like they have a place to go to express themselves,” Eastman said.

Submissions must be digitally submitted to [email protected] by Nov. 22. In order to be eligible to be featured in the magazine, the student must include their name, email, description of the submission, attachment of the submission and a headshot.

“Our goal for Dexie Magazine is to provide teens with a platform to express and showcase work they have done in a positive environment,” Eastman said.

Guidelines for submitting digital work are as follows:

  1. Do not violate copyright.
  2. Do not slander any third party.
  3. Submissions cannot be previously published on another site.

“The lack of optimism in current social media inspired us to create Dexie Magazine because we wanted a platform of positivity for young adults,” Barcelo-Dizon said.

Dizon and Eastman describe the purpose of their webmagazine as, “a positive platform for young people to express themselves, where two vixens jump into the creative realm via tech & positivity.”

“By reading our magazine, we hope our viewers will become advocates of love, happiness, and creativity,” Barcelo-Dizon said.