World History students create parody Mesoamerican newspapers Project shows daily life from the civilization's perspective

Learning about Mesoamerican civilizations, students in Ms. Christina McCoy’s World History class must create a newspaper based on either the Incan, Mayan or Aztec society. Assigned last week, projects must include national news, advertisements, cartoons and more. 

“The goal is for [students] to understand one of the civilizations and not just to memorize facts about them,” McCoy said.

After finding the idea on a website by another teacher, McCoy decided to assign her students it. Students must write from the perspective of people who lived in their respective societies.

“[I chose the] Aztecs because they were an eventful civilization that often performed ceremonies and took place in wars,” sophomore Abel Berhe said.

To be completed either on paper or digitally, students must focus on a specific time period that their civilization existed. Articles written in their newspapers may include anything related to their civilization.

“I think it helps [students] learn because it’s not just watching videos or memorizing facts,” McCoy said. “It allows [students] to think more critically and apply what [students] learned and apply it to that time.”

As an individual PBL, students will present an overview of their newspaper alone. McCoy has yet to decide the presentation dates.

“I chose to create a newspaper on Prezi because using the online tools will allow me to finish quicker and presenting something digital is easier than a book, especially when you present alone,” sophomore Angelo Maynigo said. 

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