World History students translate religious beliefs into children’s books Topics randomly assigned for each text

Skimming through the book, sophomore Juan Domingo reads about the religion, Hinduism, which he received. Students were required to use their own materials and ideas to come up with an original story. “After all the general lessons about all the different religions, going into more depth about Hinduism was really interesting to me,” Domingo said.

Learning about lessons and beliefs of different religions, sophomores in World History teacher Christina McCoy’s class are writing children’s books that explain the teachings of their randomly assigned religion.

“We get to do a variety of religions,” sophomore Grace Huh said. “We randomly picked from a box that had Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Legalism, and Christianity.”

Students are required to center their story around their assigned religion, including beliefs and common practices.

“I did something similar when I taught World Geography,” McCoy said. “The other teachers here had the same idea of the project and I adapted from that, making it my third time doing this assignment.”

The book must include at least 10 pages with illustrations on each page. Students can work in pairs or individually.

“I’m glad [Mrs. McCoy] chose this project other than book work,” sophomore Jaylin Grady. “I’m a Buddhist myself, so people who had gotten Buddhism came to me and it was cool to see how they were genuinely interested in my religion.”

For this project students do not have to present their book; however, they have very little class time to work on it and it is up to them to manage their time to get it done. This project is due next Thursday for “A” day students and Friday for “B” day students.

“This was an easy, but fun project,” sophomore Daphne Dimatulac said. “I liked how it wasn’t too extreme and that we got to be as creative as we wanted to be with a partner we got to choose. My partner and I took off the cover of a diary so our book would seem legit”

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