Yearbook signing party now free; pizza and water no longer provided There will be no admission fee

As he types captions in a spreadsheet, sophomore Zhen Yu starts working on next year's yearbook with his staff members. Because some school events occur past the yearbook deadline, the staff has been collecting photos to include in the next yearbook. "We will be choosing the theme for next year's yearbook tomorrow after school," Yu said. "We have a few ideas already, but nothing is official yet." Photo Credit: James Martin

On May 22, the yearbook will be distributed in the lunchroom during seventh period. Unlike last year, any grade level can pick up their book during class. However, water and pizza will not be provided.

“Rather then charging [students] to come to a signing party, we decided that it would be easier to let everyone come down and get their books all at once,” Journalism Advisor Matthew LaPorte said. “We would like to be done with the process as quickly as possible and since it is right after lunch, everyone will have already eaten.”

In order to attend, students must pay their remaining yearbook balance to the banker by April 28. Payments can be made before and after school or during lunch.

“All the pictures we took and design elements we put into the yearbook has really paid off,” junior Justine Ho said. “I can’t wait for the rest of the student body to see all the hard work that went into this book.”

Additional items will also be sold. Sharpies are $1, signing pages are $3 and book covers are $5. For those who are absent, yearbooks can be picked up before or after school in C122.

“Once people have their books, I hope that people will notice how different and unique this yearbook is compared to the past yearbooks,” junior Kiana Tiblue said.

The theme for next year’s yearbook will be revealed on the last day of school.

“I know next year will be even more work than this year because I really want to go out with a bang,” the Howl Editor-in-Chief Russel Valdez said. “With all the new lessons I’ve learned, I want the process of making the book to be smoother.”

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