At the current price of $125, yearbook sales will conclude on Jan. 31.

“I definitely think that students should purchase a yearbook, especially if they’re seniors. I always look back at mine when I’m at reunions or when I just want to remember, and I think that students should definitely buy one,” Web Design instructor Ms. Cindi Chang said.

Of the 700 students who have not purchased a yearbook, only 20 will be able to purchase and receive one if they wait until May. Last year, The Howl yearbook staff sold 625 yearbooks, along with an additional 50 after sales

“I order a yearbook every year and it’s my last year at SWCTA, so I knew I had to order one again,” senior Yiwei Luo said.

Students can still order their yearbook online or with the banker.

“I bought a yearbook last year and this year because I think it’s worth it. It’s my last year and I want to remember it,” senior Sierrah Marshall.