Automated teller request

Imagine having to pay $75 dollars for your club fees, $25 for class fees, and still needing to pay for lunch. Having $10 in your wallet seems reasonable, but having to hold more than that in cash can be nerve-wracking since there’s the possibility of losing the money or having it stolen.

Many students at Southwest CTA have a part-time job and personal bank accounts. Most of the time they don’t carry around cash because all of their money is stored in their card. It would be logical, now that some SWCTA students are working, to have an ATM machine on campus and to have our credit/debit cards usable in the bank and lunchrooms.

“It would be more fast and efficient if we could use our cards during lunch,” says junior Juan Candido, “I can just swipe, get my food, and move on.”

Because we are an exemplary school, Southwest Career and Technical Academy students, staff, and faculty are mature enough to handle technology, such as an ATM, on school grounds. It would not be a nuisance if they were located in the front office and/or the dean’s office. These locations would ensure safety and security when it comes to the use of the machine.

“It’d be cool if we had an ATM at school,”says senior Mark Wieberg, “I wouldn’t have to carry a lot of cash.”

The school may suggest not bringing in large sums of money to school, but how else are we going to pay for a $75 fee? Debit/credit cards are much safer. It lowers the possibility of theft since it requires a pin number only the user knows, and there is the option to freeze the account if the card is stolen. Holding our money in our card is much safer than storing it in our backpacks where someone could easily steal it.

“One time I had to use a hundred dollars to pay for my club fees, but someone stole it from my wallet,” says junior Laura Nguyen, “If we had an ATM, I wouldn’t have brought the money to school, I would’ve just used my card.”

Although the school campus may have the SWCTA store online, most students want their money available to them at school. The store may be helpful when it comes to buying t-shirts, but it’s not helpful when it comes to buying food or drinks. Also, people that use the ATM aren’t limited to the amount of money they hold. If someone needs a couple of extra dollars, they are able to take out what’s available in their account.

Additionally, when buying online at the store, they must pay a surcharge that does not benefit the school. There may still be a surcharge when students use the ATM at school, but it’s the same if they use the ATM at the gas station. Having the useful equipment here at school with a regular fee is better than not having it at all.

We advanced from textbooks to the iTouch and iPad, poster boards to electronic presentations, essays written on paper to essays written and edited on Google Docs with the assistance of a teacher. Our school is based on modern technology, so why not move from cash and checks to a simple card?