Cheating not a solution

Why do students cheat on things that are so easy to accomplish, like their notes, worksheets, and even tests? The answer is because they’re lazy.

When students put their mind to the task at hand, then they are more than capable of accomplishing what is given. These days, it seems as if students don’t try to do their work. They get it from the Internet, take it from friends, or make cheat sheets.

It appears that students are not trying anymore. Since when is it okay to cheat? Never. There should not be any exceptions either. Cheating is cheating. You may believe that the information being given is stupid or unnecessary, but obviously the teacher wants you to know the material and has a reason behind it.

“I see it as sharing knowledge amongst each other, or using resources, since teachers do encourage to use ‘resources’,” states Laura Nguyen, sophomore.

Do you really think teachers are really oblivious and won’t catch you cheating? Guess what? They do. Just because they do not say anything at first, does not mean they are not keeping tabs on you for next time.

“I think that students think teachers are stupid, but what students don’t realize is that we know you are cheating, we just don’t always say something,” says world literature teacher, Shannon Bailey.

However there are students that don’t believe in cheating. These students think for themselves. They do not need anyone or anything to help them. These are the students who respect our schools’ honor code and know what is the right thing to do.

“I don’t cheat in school. I think cheating in school would get me nowhere. If I do decide to cheat then I wouldn’t learn anything I’d just copy the answer and not learn anything. If I don’t learn anything then how would I get through life, there isn’t always going to be someone for me to cheat off of,” says Mariano Cano, freshman.

Even the counselors’ at SWCTA think that cheating is a big no, no. They believe that if you cheat your not a true SWCTA student.

“Students should be RPC’d, the parent should know exactly what their child is doing. However I do believe in second chances and they may go back to school. If they were caught again we would go to the suspension option. Any offense after will lead to expulsion, because they do not know how to be a Southwest student,” Mr. Aaron Castillo, academic counselor.

All in all, SWCTA students should stop this incessant cheating on their essays, on worksheets, on homework, and most of all, on tests. It is not necessary at a magnet school or any school for that matter. Doing work for yourself and getting a great score brings you the feeling of great accomplishment. We cannot always do well, so when you do fail, learn from it so you do not resort to copying from someone else.