People change, interests change, dreams change

followyourdreamsFollow your dreams; that’s the happy image society is trying to portray now, is it not? They make it sound so effortless. Let’s just ride off to a magical land on ponies and live happily ever after! Though it appears to be simple, following your dreams is not that easy.

As naïve and vulnerable people, we choose to accept an ideology because present day society and past historical figures encourage young people to pursue their dreams. The question is: how can we follow our dreams when many of us change them constantly?

They say high school is for students to think about their future career options. They say college is for young adults to find themselves and take on courses to assist in the preparation for that career. But, people move from one interest to another because they are afraid to decide on one main path for the rest of their lives. Most likely, young adults will not pursue their original dream. They will pursue careers that will allow them to make a living, either because it’s the easier way out or is financially stable. People change, interests change, dreams change.

Additionally, those who change their dreams constantly have to keep in mind that in December of 2011, the unemployment rate was at 12.7 percent in the Las Vegas area, according to KOLO-TV Channel 8 in Reno, Nevada. And according to International Business Times, college graduates with at least a bachelor’s degree are facing a 4.3 percent unemployment rate, while those with an associates degree have an 8.2 unemployment rate. Considering many do not even have a minimum-wage job, what makes you think you can go out into the world and immediately chase your extravagant dream a day after graduating college? Some take over a year to find decent careers, regardless of their field of study in college.

For example, being president of the United States will require a college education and a decent amount of political knowledge. People simply do not graduate college and aim to be President. You start from the bottom and work your way up; start off with being a lawyer or judge, then become a state official before becoming President of the U.S. Truthfully though, most do not have the patience nor the mindset of a hard worker to achieve such a large dream.

Therefore, square up and decide upon a few interests because if you don’t choose now, you won’t settle later. Rather than going after something so extravagant or something that simply will not suit your current needs, I strongly suggest you find yourself after researching “smart” career choices. These choices include being a medical assistant, financial analyst, paralegal, dental assistant, and an accountant.

If you could have any career in the world, what would it be?

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Following your dreams is becoming less likely for more people in the United States. Instead of following your dreams, let them follow you. Make new choices that will result in new dreams.

Those who want to follow their dreams need dedication and commitment. If you honestly want to be an actor or musician, you have to work hard in order to pursue that career because only a few make it big. Instead of waiting for things to happen, you have to go out into the world and make them happen. Don’t be lazy. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be hesitant. Only then, will you have a chance to follow your dreams.