Are you for or against boy bands?
Photo Credit: Galvan family
Are you for or against boy bands?  Photo Credit: Galvan family
Are you for or against boy bands?
Photo Credit: Galvan family

Each week, siblings Andrea and Amanda Galvan are presented with a topic and 30 minutes to debate that topic. The catch? They are not allowed to speak. Instead, they document this dialogue on a Google Document in separate spaces, but they can utilize whatever resources that the Internet can provide them to support their viewpoint. 

Andrea: Boy bands are the best thing to ever come out of the music world and no one can convince me otherwise.

Amanda: Music has had a lot of other impact on the world, you know. Boy bands didn’t magically make the world a great place. If anything, they succeeded in making young teenage girls lose their minds.

Andrea: To be fair, young teenage girls lose their minds over everything. (exhibit A: 8th grade Drea and Big Time Rush, exhibit b: 6th grade Drea and Twilight) BUT, boy bands have made a huge impact on the world both economically and musically.  They have the power to pull someone out of potentially self-harming situations and make that someone into a better person.  I mean, One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is trying to get all his fans to donate to the Eden Dora Trust. . . and it’s working. Him and the other boys are helping make the world a better place!

Amanda: Even though there’s tons and tons of other ways to take someone out of “potentially self-harming situations,” you have a point. I’m sure they have a great effect on the economy with all the money they make, but their sole existence doesn’t automatically improve the world. After all, some boy bands just exist and remain in nothingness. They don’t do anything with their money at all. And in my opinion, fans of boy bands are crazy. There is no upside to that.

Andrea: Hey, hey. We are NOT crazy. We’re . . . dedicated.  You’d understand if you spent all of your freshman year falling in love with Big Time Rush and just knowing how amazing they are. For the artsy fans, drawing these stupid boys (aaaallll of them . . .) helps us improve our art skills.  You’ve seen my eighth grade drawings of BTR compared to my junior year drawings; there’s a huge difference.  I can say I’m proud of the improvements I’ve made and it’s all thanks to these beautiful amazing boys.

Amanda: Dedicated? Buying every single magazine One Direction is mentioned in and ripping out the pictures of them to paste on your wall seems just a bit more creepy than dedicated. Some fans also stalk those guys, you know that? It must stink to not get any privacy. Besides, sometimes the fans get a little extravagant with showing their love for the band and get very very angry when you say anything against them. And you’re right, there is a huge difference! You’ve totally dropped that band for a different one.

Andrea: You know what? I didn’t drop BTR! They’re just not doing anything as a band right now! Kendall’s working with Dustin on Heffron Drive, James is on Dancing With the Stars, Carlos just got married, and . . . I don’t know what Logan’s doing.. No one knows what he’s doing. They’re just on hiatus . . . again. Whatever. They’re not breaking up and I still love them as much as I did back in middle school. UGH.

Amanda: Thank you, dear sister, for providing me with a perfect example of how exaggerative boy band fans tend to get. They never seem to deal with other people’s opinions very well. Anyway, like them if you will, but I prefer to stay away from boy bands and all the hype they cause. Oh, and by the way, most boy bands are directed to preteens.

Andrea: You wouldn’t understand.  It doesn’t matter, anyway. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to stay “Up All Night” and dance to the “Best Song Ever.” It’s the “Story of My Life.”